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Joining the practice

The practice operates an open list policy and accepts:

  • Patients moving into the area.
  • Babies born to parents registered with the practice.
  • Close family members of the practice patients living at the same address.

Practice area

The area covered is Grimsby, Cleethorpes and surrounding villages enclosed by the outer limits of Healing, Waltham, New Waltham, Humberston, Holton-Le-Clay, Irby, Swallow and Riby.

Refusal to accept a patient

The reception staff has the right to refuse to accept a patient who is violent, abusive, drunk or visibly under the influence of drugs.

How to register

You will need to bring along your medical card (if you have one) or fill in a form GMS.1. (Application form to go on a doctor's list). We further ask you to fill in a new patient questionnaire and give you an appointment to attend a new registration check up if there are vacancies. For this you will have to bring a small sample of urine. Once this check up is completed the practice will register you as a patient.


Patients who falsely declare or withhold information at the time of applying will not be taken on.

Change of name, address and telephone number

Please let us know as soon as possible of any changes to your name, address and/or telephone number. If you move out of the Practice area, it will be necessary to register with another doctor closer to your new address.